Start to uncover and release the blocks in your life that have taken you off course, so that you can turn your life into one that you deserve and love.


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The full Surviving to Thriving course will give you a complete understanding of where you are and how you got there, along with the tools and healing sessions to put you back on your path... you will bring your energy back into balance and be able to choose new beliefs that support your highest good and release yourself from old patterns that served a purpose once, but not any more.


This mini package gives you an opportunity to sample some of the healing sessions without the commitment of the full course. None of the learning and deep diving into those places that maybe you aren't ready to go yet! But also none of the additional support, strategies and guidance that is a huge part of the Surviving to Thriving program.


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Oftentimes we aren’t aware that we have been avoiding feelings, or we certainly weren’t aware when we were small children, which is when so many of our beliefs and responses are set.


Between the ages of 2 and 7, before our critical faculty develops, we will believe pretty much anything and that’s when we take on many of our core beliefs about ourselves and the world. Often those beliefs have locked in feelings that go with them - I’m not good enough, not big enough, I don’t deserve better, that would never happen for me.


Your mind will always do what it thinks will best keep you safe, and sometimes those responses and coping mechanisms are valid and other times that can linger and continue to be played out when there is no need for concern.


These beliefs and trauma responses don’t have to have come from a difficult or bad childhood, sometimes they are the result of an otherwise trivial experience that got stuck in the pliable mind of a child and the mind misread the situation and thought that a protective response was required. 


Being stuck in beliefs about our lives creates stress. Our bodies run on energy produced by the mitochondria in each cell and when the cells get stressed their energy production is affected, causing inflammation to show up in different areas of the body, depending on the type of stress.


When we are able to rebalance the energy in our body, we release the stress and set ourselves on a path where it is possible to alter the beliefs and trauma responses that we have lived with until this point.


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