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How Does the Process Work?

I harness a combination of holistic and spiritual techniques to guide my clients on a journey within. By pinpointing and targeting the root issues and core indoctrinations that are adversely impacting their lives, I help my clients rebuild their belief systems from the ground up.

Bio Energy Healing

Did you know that, at rest, the average human being produces around 100 watts of power? This can surge to 2,000 watts during short bursts of energy like sprinting. Your body is the most powerful battery you own, but if it’s depleted, you might feel inexplicably tired, consistently sick, or constantly suffering from unexplainable headaches or bodily ailments. Bio energy healing focuses on channeling your inherent healing energy to manipulate your electromagnetic “aura”, clear energy blockages, and bring you back into balance – physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The goal of hypnotherapy is to help you relax deeply enough that we can start a conversation with the subconscious mind and make positive suggestions once we’re inside. If any limiting beliefs are causing unproductive patterns and behaviors in your life, we can and will identify them through hypnotherapy – replacing these with more positive beliefs about yourself. Hypnotherapy covers a lot of inner-child work, extracting and re-shaping indoctrinated beliefs that were ingrained in your subconscious when it was still so malleable.

Akashic Records

Every human being houses an entire library of information – or Akashic Records – that are bursting with intricate details about your soul and its journey. Once you’ve opened the door to this library, we can gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose, authentic cravings, and why you’re stuck in a rut of the same destructive patterns. If knowledge is power, then your Akashic Records are the strongest tool in your archive.
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